I believe

As I was telling Ryon today...Bella is here at home. At night usually is when I feel her most. I'll be giving Austin his nightly bottle or walking with him to put him to sleep and I feel like if I had some type of spray I could spray it and youd see her. I just feel like shes there...I KNOW shes there. Maybe one of these times I feel like ill turn my head and actually see her. It gives me butterflies. Shed be so big now! Turning 2 this December! Holy cow. She does come and go but she'll always be here. Shes coming to watch over little brother and comfort mommy and daddy when we need her the most.

Today daddy needs her most. Today we said goodbye to Ryon's first dog, Ecko. He was a special dog and we will miss him so very much!! <3 Hes not suffering anymore and he gets to run and play like the puppy he always thought he was! I believe he will be Bella's protector :)


*The picture I posted is of my cousin Lacey, whom I believe came to get Bella on 1/12/10. I like to think she is taking good care of my sweet girl until mommy and daddy can be with her again.*