Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

Today we laid to rest our beautiful baby girl, Bella Renae Blehr...

Walking into the funeral home that morning was hard...seeing her tiny casket there and not being able to see her one last time in her beautiful white dress with crosses and her cute bonnet...little white frilly socks and white shoes with crosses...sleeping peacefully with her bears...im only left to imagine what she looked like in it..I believe she is the most beautiful angel...and she wins the best dressed angel award if there was one... :)

We played Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men's "One Sweet Day" and Faith Hill's "There You'll Be" while the family went in a room and prayed with Pastor Van...

We all walked in took our seats and I couldn't even being to tell you what Pastor Van was saying...my mind was wondering and I just stared at that tiny casket... looking at her picture..and just trying to imagine what she looked like...we played Amazing Grace by Chris Tomlin and then Nick (Ryon's brother) read this poem he wrote...

Arms of the Angels

Safe in the arms of the angels,
Baby Bella slumbers today.
Not destined for life on this earth,
But a home so far away.

Just as far away as heaven,
just as close as the beats of our hearts.
And although we can't be with you,
We will love you where ever you are.

A dream that blessed us with beauty,
Is the hope that still shines our way.
That you rest in the arms of angels,
'Till we meet again one sweet day.

We were so proud of him, we would have never been able to speak...

I asked Aunt Sandy to sing Borrowed Angels by Kristin Chenoweth--and she did an amazing job. Pastor Van spoke again and prayed...and then we played Lullaby by Creed...

We then headed to the grave site...we prayed and Aunt Sandy lead everyone in singing Jesus Loves Me...we released balloons--and had a laugh when mine and Ryon's 22 balloons got stuck in the trees...everyone else released theirs in the open field..BEHIND the trees after our mistake :)

Family & friends then went to the church to eat while Ryon and I stayed at the grave site for a little bit longer and talked to her...

She rests beneath a cherry blossom tree and I cant wait to see it in the springtime...Its going to be lovely once they put in the bench, we will have a place to sit when we visit her and spend time with her and read to her...talk about our day and so on...

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  1. When I come back for a visit we'll have to play and sing the whitney houston version of Jesus Loves Me for Bella.. I have listened to that a few times this morning. I picture in my mind that youtube video of the little girl singing. She was a trip! xoxoxox Tammy