HELLO June...

Oh how I have been WAITING for you to arrive. I have been in an unusually good mood since you got here.

I get my wisdom teeth out in a few days...and I know it's going to SUCK but its got to be done so I'm not really nervous. Ya know, I don't get too nervous about stuff anymore...I feel like if I can push a 7lb 5.6oz baby with a rather large head out of my who-haa with no drugs, I CAN DO ANYTHING!! :) lol

Speaking of BABY...Bella would be SIX months old this month! June 21st to be exact. Ah...I try and try and try to picture what she would look like but its SO hard. Babies change SO much SO quick and theres so much we didn't get to see(smiles and eyes) It drives me crazy sometimes but I am slowly getting used to it. Things aren't SO painful anymore. I MISS her SOOO much...and as the days go on I get more and more anxious about having another baby. Lately when I go and see Bella, we talk about that a lot...maybe she will put in a good word with the man upstairs for a little sister, but we will take a little brother too as long as they are healthy! :D We also talked about how cool it would be to have multiples! Hey now, I'm not getting greedy...IM JUST SAYIN!{now is when the REAL waiting begins!...well, sort of}

Mine and Ryon's 1 year anniversary is June 22ND. It sounds so weird saying 1 year. We got engaged on our 5 year anniversary, we got married on our 6 year anniversary...and our 7 year anniversary is really our 1 year anniversary. So, its just you get married and forget about the 6 years you were together BEFORE??! I suppose its just a number, but I don't want to start over!! oh well.

**BTW: thank you to everyone who has written to let us know we are still thought of and those who continue to pray for us. It means more than you'll ever know :)

***4 1/2 month countdown until HAWAII!!!!

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