Happy Birth day, Bella!

I had a doctors appointment scheduled for 11am to talk about being induced and they were going to check me to see how far along I was. As we all know things don't always go as planned. I woke up once during the night and then around 5am I shot up out of bed because something didn't feel right..like the baby just dropped. I ran to the bathroom and thought I had peed myself! (LOL) When it wouldn't stop I opened the door and yelled for Ryon.."honey, i think my water broke!" At my appointment on Friday I asked how long should i stay at home? She told me to try an stay home and just get comfortable..usually with the first its a long process. So I decided to take a shower and just get ready. I wasn't having any contractions so I thought I was okay. Once I got in the shower they started coming pretty quick! I wasn't timing them yet, just trying to breathe through them. When I got out of the shower I started timing them and they were every 3-5 minutes apart so I called the hospital and the nurse said..."yeah I guess you could come in here and we'll check you out" She seemed to have an attitude and this just made me angry! I decided I was going to take my time at this point. It was also cold out so I wanted to do my hair and put my make up on.. the contractions were really bad but i tried to do this in between them. Towards the end i was laying on the bathroom floor putting my make up on, huffing and puffing while i was having contractions. Ryon kept trying to get me out the door but i wasn't having it! Eventually he yelled at me, WE'VE GOT TO GO NOW! so I waddled my way to the door and boy was the car ride the longest 4 miles of my life. The ice on the roads made it so bumpy and hurt like hell.

We got to the hospital around 6:45am and there was a nurse holding open the elevator asking if I was OK and if i had time to go to registration.. of course I tried to put on a brave face and said oh ill be fine...while i was crying in pain. So we registered, which felt like forever.. and made our way upstairs. Once i got there and got a room and changed "the show" came and I felt like i couldn't move...I needed help getting from the bathroom to the bed and when the nurse check me she said "Oh honey you don't have time for an epidural, i feel nothing but hair!!" so she went running to get doctors and nurses and it was all a blur...like 6 or so people came running it..bright lights and noise. I was TERRIFIED, How on earth was I going to do this with no epidural!??!! this was my worst nightmare!!(or so I thought) About 30 minutes into pushing Dr. Baltierra showed up and stood in the back round until Dr Oglesby showed up(she was the Dr on call, however she just stood in the back round too..some Dr i don't even know delivered Bella) I was pushing when I had to so eventually they just let me do it on my own. 2 hours into it the doctors started to panic...this made Ryon really scared and they were screaming in my ear "Push..you need to push and save your baby!!" I just couldn't do it anymore.. my body wasn't having it and I felt so out of control...they tried to use the vacuum to get her out but I pushed with all my might 2 more times and she was out...

Bella Renae Blehr was born at 9:05am..weighing in at 7.56lbs and was 20in long.

They put her on me for a split second and then took her to the warmer and suctioned her and she let out a LOUD SCREAM(not just a cry) put a diaper on and laid her against my skin to get her temp up. I was on cloud 9...except for the fact that they were stitching me up--i don't think the local anesthesia worked! We were all so exhausted...myself, Ryon and MIL we just sat around and I held her for a while...staring at her sweet face. I wanted so bad for Ryon to hold her and eventually the nurse came back and swaddled her and they were both able to hold her. My heart melted seeing my husband hold our baby girl for the first time. He was so proud and so happy she was finally here and we were finally a FAMILY. The nurse then came in and asked when we wanted to have our stork dinner(a nice dinner for 2 with table cloth and drinks in wine glasses) So i said TONIGHT because I was SURE we were going to leave the next day by noon. It was very good..Ryon got the talapia with rice and veggies and I got the steak with baked potato and fruit. Mom, Joe and Aunt Brandon came to visit while Ryon and I ate our dinner. Eventually everyone left and we rested for a little. There was another woman in labor who got there before I did and so we didn't really see any nurses for a long time. One of the nurses finally came to get Bella and give her a bath around 7:30pm! Andy and Joy showed up around 8 but she was still MIA.. the nurse said she was under the warmer and would bring her in about 5 mins. She showed up about 40 mins later and they got to hold her for a few mins. Once they left I fed her and we all tried to get some rest....her first day flew by and we were getting closer and closer to going home!


  1. Cant wait for you to hold your sweet baby again!

  2. I had a dream about Bella last night, an older Bella like 20 years old. It made me happy and reminded me she still has a fighting chance.