A New Day

Last night(well early this AM) Bella gave us quite a scare. We got back from dinner and went back to see her and she was doing okay. I came out to the waiting room to watch the COWBOYS vs SHEagles game(which incase anyone missed it WE WON!!WOOHOO) Anyway back to reality...I went back in to see her and say goodnight to find that her SATs were dropping and she was really starting to wake up. Pretty scary...I have not seen her move so much in what seems like forever...she was kicking and punching...so they gave her tons of drugs and ended up having to bag her. I went out to the waiting room because it scares the crap out of me when shes got tons of nurses around her and all her numbers start dropping. The nurse came out and talked to us...and we are thinking she had this episode because they stopped giving her the paralytic drug that she was on because they want her to move a little bit(as long as she can keep her sats up) and it was just catching up to her... We made it back to the RM house around 1am and...no early am phone call!!

Came to the hospital this AM to find her oxygen level at 49!

Of course...Ryon and I tried to step out for a little bit and just hang out the 2 of us..so we went to the mall...got a call from ryons dad saying her sats were dropping really low and her heart rate dropped and we should come back(altho he told ry not to tell me) so ryon was like lets go back.... and we get back to see her sats splitting 70/45 and her blood pressure was up...but just a few mins after we got back her sats were back up to 100/99(great) so this just means that she needs her parents...whenever we leave she flips out. I know that there were other factors(well mainly the fact that they changed out her Flolan drip and they were moving her which she HATES) but I just think she needs me...i think i will set up a cot and bring a mini fridge and post up next to her until shes well enough to come home! :) i need her just as much as she needs me...i just wish we didnt have to be so far from home!

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