busy busy busy

It seems like that's how things have been lately. I am ready for a break!!

Ryon's dad came out from CA to surprise Ryon for his birthday on May 14Th. He was supposed to get in at 730pm on the 13Th and we were going to surprise him at work...buut he got delayed, twice!(***lesson, always fly United!...he made the mistake of flying American lol) So he didn't get to our house until 130am! Ryon had came to bed already...and boy was he shocked to wake up and find his dad standing in our doorway, HA! wish I had my camera ready for that..and the "what the hell are you doing here!?" response. It was great. Friday we went to MiDeg and had a nice dinner with the three of us and my mom came up from VA. Then off the work they went. On Saturday Ry, his dad, Andy, and Chad had a nice golf outing and on Sunday we just cooked out and relaxed. I stressed way more than I should have! oh well, it all worked out!

His dad went back home on Monday...and then more busy-ness!

On Tuesday we took a "dance lesson" and we learned the modified foxtrot. HA! It was a joke. Ryon ended up teaching more than the instructor, and she didn't like that too much. She even told him she wasn't going to share her fee with him so he better leave the teaching to her. Maybe if his mom and dad understood her he would have...but apparently he did a better job! :) that's my husband!

Wednesday I had to run here, there, and everywhere to try and find a dress for my sister-in-law's wedding on Saturday....finally settled on a simple black dress. Totally not what i wanted but it worked.

Thursday the other sister-in-law's came in...BJ from Florida and Devon from CA. When I got off work we went and got pedicures and then went out to dinner. Good time.

Friday I got off a little early so I could go to Brandon's rehearsal dinner...and afterwards we all went to the fire hall where they rehearsed and we decorated.

.May 22. OH HAPPY DAY!

The wedding day finally arrived! We went out to huntfield to take pictures and then off to the fire hall! It turned out to be a beautiful wedding.

[Brandon wanted a courthouse thing--as did I--and I'm sure she feels the same as me that shes glad it turned out the way it did!]

She was a lovely bride and TJ looked nice all dressed up!

During the ceremony Aunt Sandy sang while they lit a unity candle and then a candle in memory of Bella...aaand the flood gates opened. I was holding Hunter, and I think he helped me hold it together a little, my arms weren't completely empty. The songs, the prayers, they were all hard to listen to and watch and I could have cried forever. I was so excited when they were getting married and how I was going to dress her up all cute and everyone was going to be together...it just was such an empty feeling and bittersweet day.

I had a good time and it was nice being around everyone. Going home wasn't so nice. It was pouring down rain, Ryon was working, and the house was again...cold, dark, and lonely. So quiet. I spent quite a while in Bella's room sobbing. The tear times aren't as often but when they come...you better watch out for the flood! I think that was the first time I actually cried out to God. I told him how angry I was. How its not fair that even during such a happy time, I'm soo sad. I came up with the great idea of taking pictures with her bear. I'm obsessed with wanting to see "her" so every time I take pictures I look for orbs. I don't know why I do this...I know shes there, but seeing a spot on a picture makes me smile and confirms what I already knew. Its so strange.

Anyway...Sunday we went to Ginza, a japanese steakhouse for dinner before BJ, Aunt Sandy, and Jilli went home. One last hoorah! I can only speak for myself but boy am I glad all the festivities are over!

Next UP...

wisdom teeth removal, father's day, our 1 year anniversary, and...maybe baby?! only time will tell...but when that happens, I think it'll be our little secret for a while ;)

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