MOD Walk & Mother's Day

Last weekend was exhausting to say the least. I've read in the grief books that it can be exhausting but hadn't really experienced it until then! Saturday was the walk and we woke up to dark clouds, rain, and it was SO windy. I cried pretty much the whole way to the park and then when I got there and saw my nephew in his shirt for Bella, the tears flowed again. I was able to get it together and when the walk started, the clouds and wind went away and it was perfect. It was a 3 mile walk...but I was ready to do it all over again when it was done!

I raised over $500 and our team raised over $13,000! Great job BCT :)

Joy, Myself and Izabell...with Marina, Brandon, and Hunter behind us

The shirts that our team wore

When we got home from the walk there was an edible arrangement waiting, from my lovely mother and mother in law...and it was yummy :)

They both went to the Children's Memorial Service at UVA which was at 2pm the same day. I plan on attending next year but this year I settled for a video of it! I slept most of the day Saturday and Sunday so it wasn't as bad of a weekend as I was anticipating.

(hanging out at the cemetery with Bella & her heartbeat bear on Mothers Day)

On Monday I walked into work to find this picture that Joy drew me for Mother's Day...(I accidentally saw it before the walk...which is 1 reason I cried the whole way to the park!)

Ryon got me stargazer lilies and our living room smells amazing...but the picture was by far the best mothers day present.

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