Yep. We got robbed...quite a bit, and im trying not to get angry but sometimes it just gets under my skin.

We didnt get the best care @ the delivering hospital(no offense to the few people that cared)

Then our daughter was stolen from us.

Now im left with a mothers body and no baby...(still have that line but i don't mind that reminder so much!)

Hospital bills are outragous...she was at 3 different hospitals(so there were 2 transfers)...then each of the 3 hospitals you have the 3 different doctor bills which are separate.

We set up payment plans for the stack of bills weve acquired...come to find out they charge you $30 for each month its not paid in full. Seriously?!

I think that is sooo wrong. We didnt ask for this to happen.

So take 1 bill for instance...a $3000 bill if you pay $100/month...thats $900 they are making off of my unfortunate situation.

Such BS!

Totally feeling robbed and taken advantage of...

I suppose thats life :D

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