"The Answer"

There are so many wonderful people involved in the the much anticipated Stretch Productions album "The Answer" that is now available for purchase!

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to my cousins Cami and Randy McCraw for putting so many hours into producing this benefit CD!

A portion of the proceeds from the CD sales will be donated to the ACD restricted research account at NORD. In addition, on the back cover of the CD there is a link to the ACDA website that explains how people can make a donation to NORD.

For ordering information, please visit http://stretchproductions.com/TheAnswer.html

The following was provided by Stretch Productions and is part of the press release about the CD.

Finding answers is not always an easy path. Finding answers together, however, can make the path brighter and easier to travel. In search for a cure for Alveolar Capillary Dysplasia, and in memory of "Baby Bella", singers and songwriters from Keller, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee came together to form 'The Answer', a 12-track compilation album with proceeds benefiting ACD research. Artists such as Rebekah Jordan, Ryan Wood, Jordan Justice, Bailey Lawrence, Brittany Strother and Stephen Bolduc are all college students who have had extensive vocal and stage training and were chosen by Stretch Productions for this project during their time in the Keller School District. The album also includes a duet by Paula Jordan and Brad Lundy of the Keller area, a song from the band "Red White and Blues", and a full choir of Keller students performing a remake of 'Peace on Earth.” Written by internationally renowned music artist ("Mandalaband") and television presenter/archaeologist from the UK David Rohl,this 1985 EducAid Christmas single was a charity follow-up to BandAid, recorded by British students. David Rohl's willingness to share his fundraising song really set the tone for the beginning stages of this ACD CD.

Other songwriters we wish to thank include Tammy Branscom, Nashville, Tennessee; Heather Duncan,Indian River, Michigan; from "The Duggars: 19 Kids & Counting" wedding episode - songwriter Robert Greenlaw, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; & ABC-TV's "General Hospital" actor/songwriter Christian Taylor.

Also from Nashville, Stretch Productions is proud to feature Jordyn Shellhart-up-and-coming country music starlet signed by Columbia Nashville, among the likes of Carrie Underwood, Brad Paisley and Miranda Lambert. Jordyn's song, 'You Don't Get To Get To Me', is from her debut album "In a Room".

Thank you so much to EVERYONE involved in putting this wondeful CD together. You are all amazing people.

& To everyone else....order your copy today! Help us raise money for ACD Research...{thank you}


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