Always changing

The title can describe a lot of things. Grief, pregnancy moods, but this time im talking about our ideas for our son's name and nursery.

We had a name picked out since we started dating...7 years ago, Austin Ryon was what we were going to call our first son. Well now that I am pregnant with a boy we have changed our minds. One reason was another girl naming her son Austin (very soon) and they will most likely go to school together. Ryon says you cant have 2 Austins. (now growing up how many John's, Kevin's, Ryan's, and so on did you know!? lol) Then we just sort of fell out of love with that name so the search began. We made a list of several names we liked...

Kingston (OK Ryon hated this 1 lol)
and so on...

I am pretty confidant that we have agreed on a name for our son... but things change ALL the time so I am going to say I am 99.8% sure we will call him:

Jaxson Ryon Blehr :) I don't see it changing but you never know with us Blehr's

Also, If you read a few posts back about nursery ideas...there was only 1 boy room and I was so sure we were going to do that. Nope... not anymore! lol

We've finally agreed on a room and the ideas of what we want to do with it...

Ive always disliked really "baby baby" rooms...and BLUES! So many boys rooms are cars, zoo animals, sports or BLUES...yuck

This bedding is exactly what I was looking for. Something soothing, tranquil, and I LOVE the colors! Green, blue, and brown/tan...and we might even paint the walls like this:

BLUE! but what a great shade of blue...it might be a pale green. Still not sure until we get the bedding. Really hoping we are able to get it because I just LOVE it and all the ideas I have for it (thanks to google images)

I could totally see a tall giraffe in the corner...or maybe more of a surfer room with a surf board fan and palm decals on the wall. We shall see.

Im so excited to start on Jaxson's room...but not looking forward to putting all the girly dresses, shoes, hats, toys, and everything PINK away. I am going to keep most of the stuff but putting "Bella's things" away makes me sad. I'm ready for change tho, I'm ready to give Jaxson his space and create a new space for Bella's things, a place easily accessible so we can pull her possessions out any time. The rest of the girly items will be stored away but HER things will go in something like this....

except it will be a cherry finish, in our living room of course with her heartbeat bear sitting comfortably on top.

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  1. Hello Ryan & Maryann,

    I know you don't know me - but I heard of your story through a co-worker of mine. I have been following your blog for about 9 months now and so I thought I would take a moment to tell you how much your posts have touched me. I am humbled by your loss & your courage. I have lost 3 babies to miscarriage but cannot begin to compare that to what you have experienced. Thank you for sharing.

    As you probably know, October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month. And Friday, October 15, is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Your family, and especially Bella, will be in my prayers on that day.

    Diane M.