With Bella I didnt have any cravings..at all, and with this baby I havent really had any either. I have an obsession instead.

Asparagus. I could live off this stuff. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If I have it for dinner, its my main course...anything else is just a side. And I dont share, I eat the whole bundle! (sorry Ryon)

I used to make it different ways ever since I started eating it within the past year or 2. Now I can only have it 1 way and some may think that youd get tired of it. Nope. Not me.

So if anyone wants to give me a gift for any reason...think no further than ASPARAGUS! Haha. I will love you forever.

Rolled in melted butter, loaded with minced garlic, fresh squeezed lemon juice over it(1/2 a lemon...then at the end squeeze the other half)

Baked for about 10-12mins.

Yummmmm! Good ol garlicy, buttery, lemoney, crunchy asparagus...what would I do without you?! :D

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  1. LOL at least it is a somewhat healthy obsession! Mine so far this pregnancy is chocolate, I can not get enough of it. And I wonder why I am already gaining weight like crazy, lol.