In her memory

I really want to help other baby loss mothers and have read several blogs about what other women have done and it just got me really inspired to do something.

We got 2 memory boxes from the NICU at UVA(one after Bella passed and 1 at the memorial service that my mom and mother in law attended). So I think thats the route ill go.

They were very nice hand painted boxes. The one that we recieved after she passed had some of her things (the shampoo we used to bathe her, bp cuffs, locks of her hair, several of her hospital bands, ect) and the one from the service had a bag with angel shaped cookies, which I used to put some more of her things in.

Well my plan is to make a few boxes myself...and fill them with things that I beileve would help a baby loss mother and something also for the father. I love crafts...so hopefully I can make some nice boxes myself and inside include things like a book I found comforting, a candle, a charm or some sort of jewlery that has to do with an angel(s), a (bella) bear, and a handmade card.

I want to do this for her birthday every year...and donate to either the UVA NICU or Winchester's NICU...or both :)

This year its financially impossible to do but im hoping and praying that we can finally pay off her medical bills next year and be able to give back. Im really excited about this project and cant wait to get started. I think that ill use whats left of a michaels gift card I have to start on the boxes :)

I had planned to use it to make Bella something for her birthday but im stuck and cant figure out what to make/how to make whatever for her grave... any ideas???

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