So a few nights ago I got a visit from my BEAUTIFUL daughter...in my dream. It was short...and bittersweet.

Somewhere theres stairs to Heaven and I went and climbed them. There were 423 stairs, and in my dream that was A LOT. It was just me and my preggo belly walking up to heaven...when I got there, there was a HUGE gate. Lots of people were standing there but they were a blur to me. All I saw was Bella. She was soooo beautiful...just standing there holding onto the gate with a huge smile on her face.

I couldnt touch her or talk to her...we just stood there staring and smiling at eachother. She had a cute headband with a big ol flower on it and a cute chunky little face with the biggest smile...and light brown hair. She looked just like she would have now...about a year old.

My dream was over. All I could think about when I woke up was how happy she looked. I know it was her way of saying "Momma, im ok and happy...dont worry about me". I cant help but cry thinking about it. I just wish I could kiss her and tell her I love her. I wish she was here instead of the few and far in between dreams shes appeared in.

I wish there were stairs to heaven, beacause no matter how many there were I would walk them every day just to see her beautiful face.

Sure missing my little girl.

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  1. I would climb those stairs too.. I think of her quite often.. So hard around the holidays.. thinking about her.. missing her..