{Happy} Father's Day

So how are you supposed to be happy on days that youre reminded theres someone missing? (Not that we dont think of her EVERDAY but these days are especially difficult)

Sure we have a beautiful healthy baby at home and for that we are thankful, but it still hurts that SHE is missing (in body). Especially when people say ignorant things or dont even acknowledge her existance. For Ryon it was the comments...(and on Mothers Day it was the latter) When people say things like "happy first fathers day!" It stings. Its actually his second thankyouverymuch. Because shes not here does that mean hes not a father to her? Absolutely not! She lived. Even if she didnt, she existed. She has a father and just because shes no longer living doesnt mean his duty as her father is over too. She lives within our hearts and for as long as we are living her memory will too and I wont let anyone forget her. How could you?

My precious angel: mommy, daddy, and little brother love you soo very much! <3

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