Dear JUNE, please hurry...

SO...I went to the oral surgeon the other day after a course of antibiotics...

(which was given to me by a doctor who was in the delivery room when I was in labor and who started the practice I went to. AND who gave me my 20wk US when we found out we were having a girl...but didnt "remember" me...not that im upset about it or anything--ok that is SO besides the point...but it DID irritate me!)

I was thinking I could just go there and it would be a quick fix... HA! Do they not realize I have PLANS?!? We are on a schedule here people! I wasted a sick day just to sit there and have him tell me I needed to have my wisdom teeth taken out because 1 is sideways and the others just need to come out. He said it would be best to do it all in one shot, while i was asleep. GREAT! So my plans are on hold yet again. My appointment isnt until JUNE. That is a lifetime away when you are looking forward to starting to try for another baby.

I am on the list incase anyone cancels. SO anyone out there who has an appointment at WINC oral surgery...PLEASE CANCEL IMMEDIAETLY! (because patience is just not in my genes!)

Thank you :)

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