Oh boy.....or girl?

Well, we did it again...(literally)...and IM PREGNANT!!!!!!!

I cant even begin to tell you how excited I am. I am thrilled more than you could ever imagine. Those thoughts dont come alone tho, its followed by fear and anxiety.

(And LOTS of tears both of joy and sadness)

I wish I could be carefree and nieve with not a single worry or stress like it was with Bella...but for us parents whove lost a child, saddly we are robbed of that blissful pregnancy.

This baby is just as much as a blessing as Bella was and I cant wait for the heartburn, frequent trips to the bathroom, the kicks and punches, the sound of the heartbeat, extreme rib pain....all of it....i will try my best to embrace every second and cherish all those moments, even the uncomfortable ones.

One of my biggest concerns is that people will talk about Bella even less with the second baby on the way. NOTE: talking about Bella is a good thing. This baby will in no way replace our little angel and its ok to still talk about her. She was the first person I went to and we talk about baby and being a big sister from heaven. She will watch over all of us and I know when time comes for baby to make his/her entrance...she will be there cheering me on and will make sure he/she is safe. We are aware that ACD is a possibilty again, and thats a risk we are willing to take. If this baby has the same fate as Bella...then we know he/she will be in the best company.

So please, save your congratulations for when we bring home a healthy baby. We welcome prayers and encouragement for what will be a long 9 months...


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  1. I am so excited for you!!! And yes you're right, this pregnancy is not going to be so blissful like Bella's...but treasure every moment of it. {Which I know you are already;).} I'll be praying for you. And what a lucky child. To have a big sister always looking out for him/her...