8 down 32 to go

I know before I got pregnant I said I wouldnt complain about a THING. Well thats easier said than done. Im trying to embrace this pregnancy and enjoy it, but its so hard when your constantly hugging the toilet and feeling so out of it.

For those that were around when I was pregnant with Bella know that I was sick the entire 9 months (with the exception of a few weeks around the 7th month). I would take that sickness over this any day...I had an actual schedule and only a few times was it food that came up.

Round 2: In the beginning I was hungier than usual, no sickness...and I knew for sure it was a boy! Haha...that didnt last long.

The "morning" sickness came full force around 5/6 weeks. This time however, food is coming up...EVERYTHING that goes down...comes up it seems {I know, TMI) but its horrible! Once something comes up I cant eat it again for a looooong time. So ive come to dispise eating. MY BABY NEEDS FOOD!!

Also, if it couldnt get worse...ive developed lactose intolerance. Whaaat?! So no more ice cream, milk, cheese, sour cream....pretty much everything I looove! 

On top of the sickness, I was transfered to a practice that I do NOT want to go to. I dont have any other options tho. The doctor I really wanted considered it too high risk...um thats not what was said when I met with her. Just really bummed out about it. Feeling a little betrayed.

Helllllo Maryann....YOUR PREGNANT! The alternative is much worse. I would much rather be going through these obsticles than not being pregnant and counting down the days until I could be...

So im trying really hard to stay positive, and I dont mean to complain {im only human right??} Well No more complaining for me...

I really am so thankful and feel sooo blessed to be carrying my little bean. I just want to fast forward and meet this little person. Is it a he or she? What will they look like, will they resemble Bella at all? What will that first moment be like? Im really anxious and ready to find out that we have a healthy baby...and we get to keep him/her here with us.

Im just ready to be MOM.

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  1. Ive always had in my head you were going to have a boy :)