The other night I had a dream (one of about a million)....

I got off work and went to the cemetary to visit Bella as usual but when I got closer to her spot(I go in the back entrance) there was a funeral going on right beside her. I couldnt get to her because there were so many people and tons of cars. I ended up reversing all the way out and going home. End dream. (So dramatic, I know! LoL)

Well...the next day (reality) I went to the cemetary just as I do everyday on my way home from work. When I pulled up to her I saw they had dug a spot right next to her that wasnt there the day before. 

Gave me chills!

Did they disturb her when they were digging? What do they do with her stuff when theres a funeral going on and they have to put up the tent and chairs? Anyway...

Wondering who this person is that is about to be laid to rest next to my baby...

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