Lately ive been obsessing about the new baby. I felt some flutters, starting at 9 weeks!  Ive been so pessimistic and every other day I think its all a dream or something bad is going to happen. I think that was God's little way of saying have faith! Its hard some days.

I get my hopes up and then I bring myself back to reality by saying to myself "you know it could happen again" or "its still early you could always have a miscarriage". I hate that I think this way...no one could say anything to change that either, it is what it is.

I found the perrrrfect bedroom/crib set for a boy. My heart was set on having another little girl, now I think im leaning more towards boy, or atleast its 50/50 (for now)..for those that know me that might sound crazy. I dont even have any ideas on howd id do another little girls room! Im just ready to find out! October is going to be a GOOOD month (we pray its all good news so we can have an awesome time in HAWAII!) :)

I really want to get started on the babys room. I dont want to keep calling it "Bella's room"...so I try to just call it "the nursery". I think im finally ready to find a place for her things and start to change it up a bit. I dont want to just put her things away where they will never be seen...so I thought about getting some type of chest of some sort for our living room and collecting angels and put her pictures and such on top with her things inside. Ive thought about sorting through other things, and also need to sell her crib bedding/hamper/valance and want to do it sooner rather than later. I just dont want to be overwhelmed or have feelings of guilt if I wait till later.  

Anyway, the countdown continues...30 more weeks, I suppose theres a little time to get things done ;)

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