Nursery Ideas

If baby turns out to be Austin Ryon...this will be his room. Walls and all(except I want to TEXTURE! nooowww) :) I absolutely love this for a boy. Not to mention its a 15pc Kathy Ireland set on sale for just a little over $100! Cant beat that!

Now if we have another little girl (name TBD) then we havent decided on the bedding but these are the options so far...

LOVE BIRD...shall we call her birdie? I think its cute. But thats just it...its cute

Now I like this, but a maybe name is Paisley Harper...and that'd be just a little much to have her room be paisley, right? lol

This is girly, and subtle...its nice. The walls look similar to what I want to do. Actually, I would probably copy the walls for this set.

I really like the colors of this set. Im not a huge fan of super baby rooms. Id like for the room to grow with the baby...afterall, who has the money to buy new stuff all the time? Not us!

This just looks relaxing...hence the name, SPA BABY :) yaaa

I havent always been a fan of black and pink baby rooms. I love the colors but I dont know if its good for a babys room. I get sick of things pretty quick and this might be one of them. However, I think I could make it work and not look too cheesy. The walls just make this look bad. Ive got a few ideas for this...

Well thats all folks. I would love some feedback...leave a comment and tell me what you think and which is your favorite! :)


  1. I love the bird themed girls room:) I think you could do a lot with it and its not over tephe top.

  2. i like spa baby and the one above it, 1st one is super cute too for the boy.


  4. the spa baby one!

  5. I love the Love Bird and 'girly, and sutle' one. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Paisley!! I have never been into the whole *baby* room thing too much, always said I wanted something that they can grow with. Well. I tire of stuff too and am constantly wanting to redo rooms. So my advice is to stick to neutral timeless furniture (the big stuff), a slightly less neutral wall color (something that can grow with them or can be changed) and then something more daring (or not;) that you just LOVE for the bedding (they'll only be in the crib for awhile). By the time they're ready to move to a big kid bed, you'll probably be ready to change too!