I never liked the rain. It was always so dark and depressing to me. However, after Bella died I LOVED when it rained. LOVED it. It was the only time I would smile. Most people I know also dislike the rain...and when it rains people get in this funk. I didnt feel so alone when it rained and that made me happy.

Maybe it was a bit selfish of me to be happy that others were feeling down because of the rain, but I felt like they were getting a little taste of my every day.

This past week it has rained NONSTOP. {ThankyouLee} Needless to say im quite sick of the rain. Im not sure when this changed and im not sure how I feel about it. I still miss my girl like crazy. Now when the sun shines bright and I feel the warmth on my skin, I smile. When the wind blows, I smile. But when it rains...im one of those people that get in that funk....

If its going to rain, Bella...atleast send mommy a rainbow ;) i love you sweet girl.

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